I am a London Beekeeper, working with community, business and local government in the capital to provide quality beekeeping for my clients. I specialise in keeping bees in the most sustainable and bee friendly ways possible. 

I manage apiaries, in the capital, for clients that include famous museums, banks, hotels, charities, a Nature Reserve and community projects.

I am part of a growing community of people helping make London [UK’s first National Park City] into a healthier, more beautiful and biodiverse place to live and work.

As well as beekeeping I help clients find ways to improve bee forage and planting at their sites. Working with gardeners and specialist roofing / greening companies to help make the most of clients spaces to help bring them alive for insects, birds, animals and people to enjoy.

I caught the beekeeping bug while volunteering at my local community garden in South London. Where I started to developed a fascination for these amazing creatures. Spending hours studying and helping them.

After these humble beginnings, my passion for the subject grew and grew and I was lucky enough to train with two of the most respected and revered beekeepers in the country where I learnt an enormous amount about beekeeping both in the capital and in the more traditional rural settings of the English Countryside.

I’ve worked on beehives from the Kent and Essex Coasts to the Welsh Borders, on iconic / famous rooftops – right across the capital, in stately homes, royal estates and my local community garden.

If you have a site or a roof top where you want to host pollinators then please get in touch .